10-little-known-uses-for-vicks-vaporub BEAUTY

10 Little-Known Uses for Vicks VapoRub

Vicks VapoRub is a frequent cough suppressant made to clear the sinuses and alleviate the symptoms of the cold. In addition has plenty of other, less-known uses which are far more interesting. Here are 10 of the best applications for Vicks VapoRub that just might surprise you. 1. Improves Your Skin If you have a […]

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how-to-remove-unwanted-hair-with-Vaseline BEAUTY

How To Remove Unwanted Hair With Vaseline

Vaseline is petroleum-jelly based product which is used in cleansers, deodorants, lotions, and some hair products. There as so many benefits of using Vaseline, but the greatest benefit is that it locks in moisture, therefore highly recommend for cracked and dry skin. You can even remove unwanted hair from all body parts with Vaseline. Therefore, […]

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How-to-get-rid-of-swollen-foot-with-these-9-methods BEAUTY


Swollen feet can correlate with very difficult conditions, like liver problems or heart diseases. Here is a natural way of how to reduce the swelling and improve your feet. Some other symptoms can occur with swollen feet, like fever, heavily breathing, skin color change, and chest pain. The swelling is regular a reflection of some […]

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