Experts Explain The Benefits Of Doing Planks Every Day

Planks are the most straightforward and practical body exercises. Its recommended for beginners as well as for advanced weightlifters. It is static exercises, and it perfect for core muscles — that connects the lower and upper body, also the gluts, shoulders, and arms. The Benefits of Doing Planks Every Day Planks provide more flexibility to your body, […]

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7 Effective Exercises to Lower Belly Fat FITNESS

7 Effective Exercises to Lower Belly Fat

We all agree that the lower belly fat does not look good on our bodies, and it concerns the self-confidence to some person. Reducing Lower belly fat and shaping them up, definitely require some good training. The wide range of exercises at your action will confuse you in making the best choice for picking the […]

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9-exercises-for-bigger-butt FITNESS

9 Best Butt Activation Exercises for a Bigger Butt

A flat back isn’t something that appears attractive in either a swimsuit or casual wear. Start doing these dynamic exercises to get the body of your dreams. You don’t want to join a gym to build a back like the Kardashian’s. Butt exercises are mandatory for every active woman. We gathered nine exercises that will […]

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