8 Ways Reduce Water Retention In Your Body

January 9, 2020

When excess fluids are accumulated inside the body, this is called edema or fluid retention. It occurs within tissues or in the circulatory system and cavities. It will likely cause swelling on feet, hands, legs and ankles.

Physically inactive people or if sitting for long periods, may be affected by water retention. It can also be a sign of a heart issue or kidney disease.

You can reduce water retention with some simple methods. We are going to show you 8 easy ways to reduce the retained water in your body.

Cut Down On Salt

If you frequently consume foods that are high in salt your body will likely retain water. Sodium “ties” to the water in the body and helps control the levels of fluids in your body.

To lower the water retention in your body naturally you should decrease sodium intake.

Eat Magnesium Based Foods

Magnesium is an essential mineral, involved in multiple body enzymatic processes. Eating foods that contain magnesium will surely help you remove retained water levels in your body. Here is a list of foods loaded with magnesium: dark chocolate, nuts, green vegetables, leafy vegetables and whole grains, also you can try magnesium supplements.

Eat More Foods That Contain Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 plays a vital role in the creation of red blood cells and supports some body processes. Vitamin B6 can reduce liquid retention in women with PMS. Here are the foods that hold Vitamin B6 on high levels: potatoes, meat, walnuts and bananas.

Increase Intake Of Potassium-Based Foods

This mineral supports some important functions in the body, like sending electrical signals that support the normal body operating and heart benefits. Besides above-mentioned benefits, potassium also helps in reducing the excess water levels in the body, in two different ways.

Firstly increasing the urine creation and secondly, it lowers the sodium levels. Therefore eating more avocados, tomatoes and bananas will surely help you flush the excess water off your body.

Add Dandelion Into Your Diet

This herb is known as a natural diuretic in traditional medicine, and this helps in removing the excess water from the body by stimulating the urine creation and making you pee often. Dandelion also has other health benefits.

Skip Refined Carbs As Much As Possible

Consuming refined carbs can lead to increased spikes in blood sugar and also insulin levels.

This leads to increased appearance of sodium in kidneys, which directly leads to increased water retention in your body.

Drink more water

Increasing water intake will make you urinate frequently with directly will help you reduce water retention

Stay Active

Short walkings or just moving around regularly can be very effective in decreasing water build-up in some areas. Lifting your feet can also help. If you like our retained water-reducing tips please share it on Pinterest.

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