Experts Explain The Benefits Of Doing Planks Every Day

May 23, 2019

Planks are the most straightforward and practical body exercises. Its recommended for beginners as well as for advanced weightlifters. It is static exercises, and it perfect for core muscles — that connects the lower and upper body, also the gluts, shoulders, and arms.

The Benefits of Doing Planks Every Day

Planks provide more flexibility to your body, by stretching all posture muscles, foot arches, hamstrings, collarbone, shoulders, shoulder blades and also toes.

Improve metabolism, it been proven that plans can burn more calories than sit-ups and crunches.

Improve body posture, our body is used to fight gravity while in a vertical position, by doing planks our body we activate certain muscles groups that have a passive role while we are on feet like abs, lower back, shoulders.

Planks provide balance and stability, If you are an active person, planks should be a mandatory exercise of your complete body program.

Supports regular body movements in the core of our body, like standing, sitting, bending, body rotation.

Supports back, mayor of Americans face with lower-back pain at some point of their life. The treatments for such core problems are one of the most expensive ones and also chronic lower back is one of the most painful core concerns. Therefore make sure you maintain a healthy back.


  1. Put your hands directly under your shoulder, widen them slightly, like in push up position.
  2. Put your toes on the floor and then squeeze the thighs to stiff your body. The legs should do the moves also, so don’t overextend them or lock.
  3. Keep the head facing to the floor pointing at a certain spot, without moving the neck. The neck and back must be in inline.
  4. For beginning try to hold that position for at least 20 seconds, as you get more comfortable you will dare to extend the holding time
  5. Remember that technique is more critical than time spends in that position.

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