June 28, 2019

The arguments as to whether it is healthier to become vegetarian or keep eating meat regularly will probably last forever. If you quit eating meat you’ll notice some shifts in the body. These differences are accurately verified by science, so have an overview of what they have discovered.

You will lose weight

People who will give up on meat lose about 8 pounds in the first month. Moreover, they rarely have to count calories or workout hard.

The number of useful bacteria in your abdomen will increase significantly

The stomach flora varies between all humans who consume meat and those who don’t. A single study has shown that people who eat only plant-based goods have more good bacterias in the stomach. Anyway, it takes some time for this to be established. Initially, when you give up on meat, you will feel bloated for some period. This happens because your stomach and pancreas are trying to adapt to the new regime.

The skin will look will improve

Majority of vegetarians will notice that their skin condition improves. Acne and acne scars will disappear. Experts say that if you replace meat with vegetables, the body will detox automatically from accumulated toxins. This process of detoxification has a positive effect on the skin.

You’ll have more energy

One of the most noticeable things that people who’ve quit eating meat have remarked is lack of fatigue. They notice an enhanced level of energy even after a extensive day of work. This shouldn’t confuse you because this kind of regime helps you get rid of the toxins in your body and lose weight. Moreover, it gives you a touch of easiness.

The possibility of cardiovascular diseases decreases

A link between cardiovascular diseases and red meat has been discovered a while ago. American investigators have found that the carnitine contained in red meat makes chemical responses which have a bad effect on the heart. Another interesting benefit is the fact that vegetarians encounter a lower risk of diabetes II, stomach cancer and high blood pressure.

You’ll lower inflammation in body

When you are eating meat, highly processed foods or cheese, chances are you have raised levels of inflammation in the body. In fact, short-term inflammation is reasonable and necessary. Comparable with inflammation which lasts for months/years it is really harmful.

On the other hand, plant-based nutrition is naturally anti-inflammatory, due to high fiber content, antioxidants, and some phytonutrients. Also is much more profound in inflammatory triggers alike saturated fat and endotoxins, which are toxins discharged from bacteria usually found in animal meats.

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