May 1, 2019

Humankind has been using salt for many ages, in the direction of which we’ve gathered many benefits for this amazing essence—salt uses that go far past mere seasoning. Here are a few of the more effective uses of salt:

Salt keeps ants at bay

To get rid of ants at your home and prevent them from appearing again on the windows, doors, and kitchen cabinets. Place some salt on the window sills and other surfaces attacked by insects. The salt will lower the moisture and humidity at your home and keep bugs away.

Salt cleans car and house windows

Just mix a gallon of lukewarm water with a few tablespoons of salt, and stir it. Polish until you make them shiny. The combination will help you clean your windows by dissolving the stains.

Salt is natural copper, brass and silver polisher

To prevent the copper, mix some salt and apple cider vinegar and rub the objects until they get their shining effects back. The mixture is potent enough to dissolve dirt and stains, and restore the shine. Moreover, this mix can unclog the sink drains, add some salt into hot water and pour the mix on the kitchen or bathroom sink, will also remove the strong smell and the grease.

Salt as a skin rejuvenator

Make a scrub for your skin combining olive oil and salt. Apply it on the entire body and wash the dirt away. The mixture will eliminate the dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin.

Make colors brighter

Soak up a cloth in concentrated salt water and rub the faded rugs and carpets with it. The original color of the affected fiber rug will be back in no time.

Tooth remedies

Melt the salt in warm water by stir and gargle the liquid in your mouth. The salt reacts as a mouthwash and will soothe the pain.

Salt whitens and maintains dental health

Mix some salt with baking soda, and the mixture will whiten your teeth.
It serves as a natural mouthwash and it can help you in the case of mouth sores or a toothache.

Dries clothes in winter

If you are drying out clothes outside in the sun during winter, adding salt to the final wash prevents shrinking. Your clothes will be soft and stainless. Also, you can add some baking soda combined with softener for the best smell of the clothes.

Rejuvenating bath scrub.

Mix the salt and lavender oil or olive oil to prepare a home rejuvenating bath scrub. Utilize it on the skin, leave it to stay for a few minutes, and then rinse it off with warm water. This will eliminate the dirt, rejuvenate and exfoliate the skin. I hope you liked our tips for salt uses in your home,

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