May 28, 2019

Everybody has a little bit of body hair in particular body parts like armpits, genitals area, on their legs, etc. And also there are certain people who are unlucky to sprout hair from places that are difficult to reach: like shoulders, back, back arm. There are so many concepts of how to remove body hair– beginning with shaving, then waxing, to laser hair removal, today will discuss the toothpaste hacks for home and body hairs.

Today Mag will share a fantastic remove body hair home remedy for annoying facial hairs. It will assist you to eliminate facial and body hair in the extended period. This method is simple, efficient and fully natural.

To Remove Body Hair With Regular Toothpaste You Should Have

  1. Peel off mask
  2. A Colgate paste (or any other toothpaste)

Directions to follow:

  1. In a container, bowl take two tablespoons of peel off mask
  2. In the container add a small amount of toothpaste,
  3. Approx. 1/4 teaspoon or less than that (This peels off the cover and will not just eliminate facial hair though will also repair skin or skin related concerns like acne, wrinkles, acne scars, etc)
  4. Blend it well
  5. Apply a thin layer of this toothpaste on the desired place and let it dry for 20 minutes
  6. Then peel off this cover in the opposite direction of the hair growth

Other Beneficial Uses of Toothpaste

  1. Remove Carpet Stains (and clothes stains) – Squeeze toothpaste directly into the carpet stain and brush it with some old toothbrush. Then rinse it and repeat the whole process until the stain removes entirely. It works in the same way for the stains on clothes.
  2. Remove Scratches Off Cell Phones – Carefully rub the cell phone screen toothpaste on your finger. Rinse with a damp cloth and dry. Make sure you don’t spill water directly on the phone.
  3. Child “Art” On The Walls – if this happens no need to panic. Just lightly rub a damp cloth child’s masterpiece, then rinse with a wet cloth and dry. This is only recommended for small area drawn with crayon.
  4. Silver and Brass take a soft toothbrush to rub lightly with just a bit of paste. Rinse completely and then polish with a dry and soft cloth. Dry the silver again and polish.
  5. Bathroom Sinks. It happens when brushing your teeth to drop a glob of toothpaste in the sink, don’t try to rinse, its 10 times better scrub it with some brush you use in your bathroom.
  6. Nails. You can use toothpaste to scrub up your nails, on fingers, and toes. Whitening toothpaste that contains peroxide will remove the yellow and orange tinge created by overuse of nail polish.
  7.  DVDs/CDs scratch. Remove shallow smudges and scratches from DVD/CD discs by using a thin layer of toothpaste and cleaning gently. Rinse completely and polish with a soft cotton cloth.
  8. Polish Car Headlights. The scratches and dings sustained by headlight glass disperse the light and makes difficult to see at night. Remove this haze by completely cleaning of the headlight, then brushing in a glob of some toothpaste. Next make a good buffing to polish the glass, either by the buffer on electric drill or hand.

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