What Couples Sleeping Position Reveal About Their Relationship

November 7, 2019

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell how a relationship is actually progressing. Even when if partners are clear about their feelings. is progressing. Hard to believe, but couples sleeping position reveals the truth.

The Positions Of Sleep With Your Partner?

Europian relationship experts have studied numbers of couples and really mean. Your body will switch to its common relaxed position while sleep, unveiling the truth to you that you never expose in real life. Check bellow what each couples sleeping position reveals about their relationship.

Love Knots

Sometimes we wake up tangled with the partner just like fused bodies. A common position amongst passionate lovers and young relationships. If you wake up like this, it could indicate trouble down the road, this means that both of you are very dependent on each other, it’s OK at the beginning of the relationship, but not in later stages.

Classic Spooning Position

This couples sleeping position is not that common; only 18 percent of couples reported that they sleep in classic spooning position is a good sign because this is a position of stability and protection. It is a healthy position where couples show trust in each other by holding their partner fully and tightly.

Loose Spooning

Spooning position shows trust, but as the relationship gets longer, couples want their own space and free spooning. According to the experts, this means that the relationship is becoming less physical and more reliable. By making up extra spaces in your bed means you still trust each other, but this time is with some healthy detachment.

Loosening the Knot

Happily, the full-blown love knot is uncommon in developed relationships. Most of the people will preferably move into a more detached version of the love knot, with many points of touching, but it’s not as hot and heavy. Hard to believe, but it is not a symbol that the 2 of you are getting distant – it’s the opposite.

Facing Apart

Nearly a quarter of all couples sleep Facing Apart position in their bed, which is the most common position out there. It merely means that a couple had a fight, and no longer speaking to each other. One of them turns over and stares off toward the ceiling.

Back Kissing

Similar to Facing Apart, this time, the couples are touching their backs as they are close together. A common position amongst new relationships it indicates a compromise between independence and intimacy. Also, it’s a sign that both partners are relaxed and comfortable with each other.

Giving a Nuzzle

A lovely position where one person is lying on its back and the other one is on its side with the head on the partner’s shoulder. Unluckily it gets quite uncomfortable after a while, which makes it a rare sleeping position, but its secure sign.

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