Witch Hazel: 14 Surprising Uses For This Powerfull Little Bottle

November 9, 2019

Witch hazel is a yellow or bright orange plant with pretty blooms and a wide range of uses. Its extract is sold in markets and made from the bark and leaves of the N. American Witch Hazel shrub and also is frequently mixed with other skin-treating ingredients like rosewater or aloe vera.

This versatile and cheap bottle is widely used in conventional and alternative health and beauty treatments for its powerful astringent qualities.

We are going to share with you 15 remarkable uses for this natural remedy for your home, health, and beauty.

15 Surprising Uses Of Witch Hazel

Facial Cleanser

On cotton facial pad apply little witch hazel and use it as a facial cleanser. It cleanses the pores and keeps them moistened.

Odor Removal Spray


  • 3 drops lavender oil
  • 1 tbsp witch hazel
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 3 tbsp warm water

In a spray bottle, shake the mix, and use it to remove any unpleasant odor in the room.

Sunburn Treatment

Combine witch hazel in with aloe vera gel for effective post-sun relief. In addition, will prevent skin peeling and crack. One study has proved that, all sunburn creams that contain at least 10 % witch hazel are twice more effective rather than those that don’t contain it.

Acne Treatment

Removing acne can be a disappointing process and many of the products simply dry out the skin or increase inflammation.

Witch hazel is effective as a natural antibacterial agent and anti-inflammatory element that can help clears acne and will block acne scar appearance.

Under Eye Puffiness Corrector

Take a reusable cotton pad and apply witch hazel around your eyes, it will reduce the presence of dark circles and get rid of under-eye inflammation.

Hand Sanitizer


  • 1 ½ tsp witch hazel
  • 15 drops tea tree essential oil
  • ⅓ tsp vitamin E oil
  • ½ cup aloe vera gel

Put it into some empty liquid soap pump and use it for 2 weeks max. This hand sanitizer is a powerful disinfectant, because of the antimicrobial qualities of tea tree oil and witch hazel, no additional alcohol is needed.

Insect Repellent

Make a spray by mixing 2 tablespoons witch hazel, five drops of lemongrass essential oil and a single cup of water and shake to mix. This DIY natural and entirely safe spray is an effective insect repellent.

Hemorrhoid Relief

If you are undergoing ache from hemorrhoids the tannins in witch hazel will soothe mucous membranes and decrease inflammation. Just dip cotton pads in witch hazel, and put the cotton pads in the freezer, and the remedy is ready for use.

Scalp Irritation and Dryness

Using a witch hazel based shampoo will help you combat dryness and rebalance the scalp. 

Disinfect Wounds And Stop Bleeding and

Witch hazel is a known disinfectant and is not as painful as alcohol remedies. It holds hemostatic qualities that reduce minor bleeding. Just apply alcohol-free witch hazel to scrapes or cuts to support quick healing.

Dry Skin

Witch hazel may restore healthy oils and improve skin dryness and cleanse clogged pores. Just apply to concerned areas give witch hazel several mins to dry, and apply a natural lotion to lock the moisture in.

Treat Swimmers Ear

Swimmers ear is an annoying microbial infection of the ear which is usually produced by remaining water in the ear after a swim.

Witch hazel can help dry up any disposal that is clogged the ear canal, remove the excess oil, and break up debris and wax. Take eyedropper to add a few drops of witch hazel in the ears.

Tick Removal

Just sprinkle the tick with several drops of witch hazel. These bugs hate their taste and will release their grip, which will let you remove the tick easily.

Cleaning Dogs Ears

Dogs can easily get an earwax buildup, mites, and other infection inside the ears. By using a soaked cotton pad soaked, clean gently the dog’s ear flap.

Clean Glass

Add witch hazel in a spray bottle and just clean your glasses, mirrors, and chrome, then wipe it with a paper towel.

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